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by Dave ‘Coonbottom” O’Kane

Jonah Morris of Dallas, Ga. is the owner and driver of “Freak Nasty” and Woods ‘n Water’s “Driver of the Month” for February 2011. FREAK NASTY SPECS 1984 Chevy K30 Silverado Crew Cab Short Bed, 588 c.i. Shafiroff motor, 5-ton running gear, rolling on 23.1-26 R2s, 2wd/4wd SCS transfer case, Turbo 400, 4-linked with F250 coils. How long have you been bogging? “I have been bogging since I was around 10 years old – on four-wheelers back then. I have been in the mud truck world since I was 14 and have been coming to Florida to bog since I was 16.” How did you get into it? “I first became interested in bogging while looking through all the old photos my dad had from back in the 70s and hearing the stories that were associated with those photos. From there, I attended my first mud bog when I was 14, and that was all it took. I was hooked. The next bog I attended, I had a truck there and that is how it all started.” What kind do you enjoy the most? Running bounty holes/large events or just bogging at the house? “I am a mud bogger at heart. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s running the bounty hole at Puddin Creek in Perry, Fla. in front of thousands of people or at our local bog here at Georgia Mud Bogging in Dallas, Ga. with a few hundred people attending. I love to bog, no matter where it’s at, as long as there are tires spinning and mud slinging. It’s all about fun to me, and that’s why I love to be a part of this sport! Any news to share for those wondering about the new “Freak Nasty” truck? “It’s time to upgrade and try something different!”


Feb. 4-6 – Myakka Mudd Flats King Donut, Bounty Hole & Pinks-Style Side-By-Side Racing

Myakka Mudd Flats in Myakka City, Fla. will host a three-day weekend of off-road fun on Feb. 4-6 with mud trucks, ATV/UTVs, airboats and a variety of mud events, live music and concessions. Saturday will feature a “King Donut”” and Bounty Hole competition, while Sunday will feature side-by-side “Pinks-Style” racing and ‘Hill & Hole” racing for cash prizes. Call Phillip at 229-859-9941 for more info.

Feb. 5-6 – Horse Hole Creek Super Bog

Horse Hole Creek in Inglis will open its new “BIGGER” mud pit on Feb. 5-6 for “The Super Bog,” featuring Deep Mud Racing on the new race track for 1 ton, 2.5-ton and 2.5-ton and up trucks. Saturday night will feature “Tug-of-War” contests starting at 5 p.m., and Sunday will feature a “Money Bags” bogging game during open bogging. For more info, visit www.mudup.com or call 352-447-5538.

Feb. 5-6 – Hog Waller Mud Bog Super Bowl Weekend Event

Hog Waller Mud Bog will host a Super Bowl Weekend Event on Feb. 5-6 in Palatka. Due to popular demand, Saturday will be open pit all day. Sunday will feature the “Hog Waller Mud Hole Freestyle.” Each participant gets two minutes by himself in the hole to put on a show for the crowd. $10 entry. Winner receives $250, all entry fees, plus a gift certificate from “Bob the Fuel Man (who will be on site). See ad on this page or go to: www.HogWallerMudBog.com for more details.

Feb. 11-13 – Triple Canopy Ranch “2nd Annual Cracker Fest”

Triple Canopy Ranch in Lake Wales will host its “2nd Annual Cracker Fest” on Feb. 11-13. The event will include racing in the baddest mud pits in Florida, airboat drag racing, "Ms. Cracker Fest Contest," side-by-side Buggy Races, Diesel Drag Races, awesome ATV pits, nightly bonfire, on-site camping, vendors and more. Gates will open at 10 a.m. on Friday until Sunday at 5 p.m. Saturday will feature open mud pits and ATV races. Saturday night will feature Diesel Drag Races, Swamp Buggy Races, a live band and – last, but not least, – the annual “Miss Florida Cracker” competition. On Sunday TCR will hold an “Airboat Rodeo Shoot-out.” Admission is $30 for the day or $40 for the weekend. For more information, go online to www.TripleCanopyRanch.com and see ad on page 49.

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