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LETTER TO THE EDITOR - (by Dr. Shane Bethea)

Since there is a call to ban firearms because they are "responsible" for 10,000 deaths a year in the United States, I am hereby demanding that the following also be immediately banned due to their death rates...

Vehicles (42,000 deaths a year) including but not limited to; those having a carrying capacity of more than 4 occupants; any vehicle equipped with a stick shift drive capability; and any vehicle that has an appearance of a muscle or race car. (No particular reason. Those things won't change the capability of it causing death. Yes it will still cause deaths regardless of the size or appearance if abused and misused)...

Alcohol (107,400 deaths a year from alcohol abuse) Including but not limited to; Screw it, I don't drink at all so let's just ban it completely. Yes I understand that millions of you use your alcohol responsibly but since there are 10 times as many deaths from alcohol than guns then of course you have to ban it. (Everyone should be punished for those few that abuse the right to purchase or own it)...

Health-care (195,000 deaths a year from errors) Including but not limited to; All doctors and nurses, even those that have successfully passed exams and boards deeming them safe to practice legally. Yes millions of people a year are saved from death from all doctors and nurses but that isn't acceptable because some people still die. So let's get rid of all of them since apparently they are too dangerous for the general population. Yes, I said I understand that they save way more than they injure but how can that possibly be acceptable? Get rid of all of them and then we don't have to worry about the accidental deaths right? (Way more people are saved by them than are injured. But how can you possibly justify their existence?)

If you are getting a sense of sarcasm here, you would be right. Your right to protect yourself and your family or to simply use guns for whatever legal purpose you want is being threatened by those that don't use them. It is even being pushed from those that use them but don't want YOU to have them (Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguard carries one). Stand up for your rights. If you ignore it and do nothing, it will go away... Your right to own firearms that is. Do not sit idle and let this happen.