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Taurus Protector Polymer

About a month ago, I was walking aimlessly down the aisles at a gun show, going from one table to the next, looking for something neat.

I would occasionally stop and fondle something I did not have (and did not need), but sort of wanted. Then I looked down at a table full of revolvers, and one popped out like it was on fire.

It wasn’t on fire, but it was bright white and neon green! I stopped in my tracks and asked if I could pick it up for a closer look.

Now, for the few of you out there that know me, you know I usually dress in colors like light blue, brown and beige – never in loud colors.

My boat is off white, my truck is white, my hats are all light colored, and most of my shoes are brown or white. But this was one of the neatest guns I had ever seen. And once it was in my hand, I found it was very light with a soft rubber grip that fit my hand and all of my fingers.

It was the Taurus Protector Polymer revolver in .38 Special +P.

I tried to talk the guy down to what I felt was a price I could feel good about, but he would not budge. Too bad for him.

I then stepped out of the way of the passing crowd and pulled out the trusty smart phone to Google search this neat little gun. After a quick search of one or two of the distributors I normally deal with, I found it for a lot less than this guy wanted.

I then walked back to the guy and pulled out cash for exactly what it would cost me to order online and showed him the price on my phone.

He still would not budge off the way-too-high price he wanted. So, I walked on until I found a place to sit down so I could do more internet research on this gun.

In my search, I found this model also came in .357 Magnum, but I could not find a green and white one. Between two of my distributors, they had 19 in stock, and I was pretty sure they were not going to sell all 19 before I got home, so I continued to enjoy all of the neat things gun shows have to offer while hoping to find another seller that had one of these guns.

After walking down every aisle and eyeballing each table, I was unable to find anyone there that had one, but I did manage to find a killer deal on a Smith and Wesson .44 Special with a 6-inch barrel in stainless steel that I jumped on for a good price (but that is another story for another month).

Once I was back home, I was able to sit down in my office and work harder on finding this green and white gun in .357. I spent the entire afternoon looking, but could not find a .357, so I punched the button on a .38 Special +P model.

Now that I had made the purchase, I needed to see what kind of ammo I had on hand and what my handload supplies looked like in .38 Special. After I quick search, I found I had plenty of brass, primers and powder, but my bullet and ammo selection was lacking, so I went back to the internet for some bullets and ammo.

About 4-5 days later, all of my stuff had arrived, and I was ready to do some hand loading.

I got out all of my manuals (nine) and compared the powder and bullets I had to loads in the books. After I had a nice long list of different handloads written down, I was off to handload some ammo for my new little green and white Taurus .38. I also ordered a nice Uncle Mike’s inside the pants holster, as I would be wearing this as one of my conceal carry guns.

Off to the range I went with a pile of handloads and a few boxes of factory loads. Because this gun is rated for +P loads, I loaded some that were almost .357 velocities within the safe range. I did not want to blow it up.

I concentrated on the 7-yard range – as the barrel is only 2.5 inches long – I was pretty sure this was the maximum distance for me to try to shoot this gun with some degree of accuracy.

The first five rounds were intended to get used to shooting this fine little gun. It took all five rounds for me to figure out where the bullet was going to hit the paper.

I soon had that dialed in and was consistently shooting groups of 1 to 4 inches freehand. I also shot two groups of most of my ammo from a rest.

The Taurus pistol felt good, as it has an oversized soft, rubber grip that filled my hand. To me it is important to have a handgun that allows all of my fingers to be on the grip – allowing me to get a good handful of grip. I have shot many guns that forced my pinkie (or last two fingers) to dangle in space – and I do not like it.

Even with the hottest and heaviest loads, the recoil was very mild. I am pretty sure both men and women would like shooting this gun. The Taurus Protector Polymer .38 Special is really accurate and a fun-shooting gun.

After I shot about 200 rounds through it, the pretty white polymer frame was no longer pretty white, as it had powder stains all over it. But, with a little soap and water, the stains easily came off and it was back to looking like new.

For the next week, I wore this as my concealed carry gun and felt comfortable having it on my side. It is not too heavy (weighing only 18 ounces), and it is small enough to put in my pants pocket or on my waist in the Uncle Mike’s inside-the-pants holster.

My take on the Taurus Protector series:

It shoots accurately, is well made, wears great on my side, is not too heavy to use as a carry gun or for home protection, has soft recoil and looks neat.

I got up one morning, and as I was getting ready to leave, I looked in the drawer for the gun to find it was gone. Now, it is only my wife and I that live in the home, so I quickly made a call to her and asked if she had seen it.

“I thought it was mine, so I have it,” was her reply. So, the moral to this story is, you better buy two – one for you and one for your wife!

Since that day, my wife and I have spent some time at the range with this gun, and she also loves it.

If all firearms were treated as if they were loaded, there would be no more accidental shootings. Shoot Straight, Shoot Safe!


Jim Hammond has had some sort of gun in his hand since he was 5 years old. He started with a Daisy BB gun as a small boy, and with careful instruction from his very safety-minded father, has become a skilled and knowledgeable shooter now willing to share his knowledge and experience as he has FUN SHOOTING. “Safety first and everything else will follow.”