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SCCY CPX 9mm Handgun

In all of my years of shooting, hunting and playing with guns, I have never needed – or seen the need – to own a 9mm, other than “plinking.” In my opinion, a 9mm is too small for me to hunt with and does not have enough “knock-down” power to be used for self defense – although it is a heck of a lot better than nothing.

I know there are millions of people that feel differently than I do on the value of a 9mm as a self-defense weapon, but that is why there are different calibers and colors of guns.

However, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time last month and ended up with a 9mm pistol. This particular 9mm, which I am reviewing this month, is a SCCY CPX-2 CB.

In 1998, Joe Roebuck, a tool and die maker and mechanical design engineer, saw a need for a safe, easy-to-use, dependable and affordable conceal carry handgun. In September 2003 Roebuck founded Skyy Industries, LLC, (now known as SCCY Industries, LLC), to produce the innovative CPX line. Their first offices and manufacturing facilities were located in South Daytona, Florida. In February 2010, they relocated to their present 21,000 sq. ft. facility located in Daytona Beach, Florida, just a half a mile from the famous Daytona 500 Speedway.

I happened to find this pistol while surfing on the internet one day, and after doing some research, I thought it would be a nice addition to my current collection.

After placing my order, I went to my gun room to find I had no 9mm ammo. I immediately was concerned that I had really messed up due to the current ammo shortages. However, after checking out a few places, I found there was plenty of 9mm ammo available, so I broke out the credit card to secure a large supply of several brands and sizes.

When the pistol showed up, I immediately removed it from the box and did something I rarely do – I read the instruction manual. After reading it, I found the 9mm seemed to operate just like the other semi-auto pistols I currently own, so I was good to go. The box included two keys and a child-proof lock, two magazines (double stack 10 rounds each), two magazine base extensions, two flat magazine bases and an instruction manual.

Right away my attention was directed to the magazine base extensions, which allow someone like me with extra-large hands to grip the pistol and have all of my fingers wrap around the grip. This is a great feature for large hands. If you have smaller hands, you can use the flat magazine bases.

Another nice feature is the two white dots on the rear sight and one on the front sight that makes for easy target acquisition. The slide features five deep-cut serrations on either side, allowing you to grip the slide a lot better than most of the semi-autos I have shot and making it very easy to pull back. The slide is made of steel with a black nitride finish, which should provide for many years of worry-free operation.

The grip and frame are made of lightweight Zytel polymer, and the grip has nice-fitting finger grooves. Another nice feature is the back-strap has an integral re-coil cushion.

Overall, this little pistol seems to be made very well and looks to be a quality firearm. After handling it, reading the instructions and, of course, taking it apart to see how it is built, I found it is very easy to disassemble and re-assemble. I was finally ready for some range time.

I ordered nine different flavors of ammo, and decided I wanted to start at a distance of seven feet to be sure the sights were on target (or close). All my shots at the range were made from a standing position with both hands on the pistol.

I found the sights were dead on at seven feet, so no adjustment to the rear sight was needed. However, if you do need to adjust the sights, there is a small hex or Allen screw in the middle of the rear site that can be loosened to allow the sight to move left or right.

I moved to the 20-foot target and proceeded to test the pistol. I fired four magazines of each ammo at this distance, experiencing only minor failures to fire. They all occurred when shooting Armscor 124-grain bullets.

I think the problem I had with this ammo was due to hard primers. The pistol would fire one or two of these bullets, but then when the trigger was pulled the next time the hammer would hit the firing pin....but no BOOM!

This pistol will allow you to continue to pull the trigger even after failure to fire, so each time you pull the trigger the hammer comes back and strikes the firing pin again. Each time the bullet would go BOOM after the second time the firing pin struck the primer. For example: Pull the trigger and nothing. Pull the trigger again and BOOM.

I first thought the primers for this ammo were not seated all of the way, but after returning home I found this was not the problem. After finding the primers were seated as far as they would go, I made an educated guess that the primers were very hard. I found this to be a very accurate pistol at ranges from seven to 100 feet (the maximum distance I fired at a target). All of the other ammo fed and fired as it was intended.

I did shoot one magazine of each brand from a rest with the target placed 15 feet away to try to establish the best accuracy. (See graph for results).

My take on this pistol: It would make a great carry gun, as it is light and weighs only about 16 ounces unloaded. The trigger pull is long and heavy, but in a self-defense situation this would not matter, as your adrenaline would be so jacked up a gun with a 20-pound trigger would not be a problem.

The re-coil cushion on the back strap was not noticeable. I could not tell if it reduced recoil or not.

The white dots on the sights make for a fast target acquisition.

The magazines dropped fast and cleanly every time when I pushed the magazine release.

Accuracy was much better than most semi auto handguns I have tested.

With the magazine extensions, my hand fit the grip with all of my fingers.

It is easy to take apart, clean and put back together.

For the money, this is a really nice pistol. I do believe it is worth a little more than the asking price. I have shot many more pistols that cost twice what this did that were not nearly the quality of this one.

After firing several hundred rounds through this pistol, I did not find anything I did not like and would feel confident using it as a concealed carry pistol. This is a keeper.

SCCY CPX-2 CB Specifications

Barrel: Machined from bar stock with 7 lands and grooves having a 16-1 right hand twist.

Receiver: 7075-T6 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock.

Grip/Frame: Made from Zytel polymer, with ergonomic finger grooves and an integral “Recoil Cushion” on the back-strap.

Recoil Spring System: All steel, fully encapsulated for ease of disassembly and reassembly.

Slide Lock/Release: Steel with a Zytel over molded polymer extension for ease of operation.

3 Dot Sight System: Steel rear sight, adjustable for windage only with locking screw.

Hammer Firing System: Double action only, internal hammer with inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped.

Double Action Trigger: Specifically designed for shooter comfort and accuracy to have a smooth effortless, consistent 9 lb. trigger pull.

Magazine: Included with two double stack, 10-round capacity magazines with finger extension base installed and two flat magazine bases included.

Trigger Guard Lock: Custom designed to properly fit and be child resistant. Includes two keys.

Barrel Length: 3.1 inches

Height: 4 inches

Length: 5.7 inches

Width: 1 inch

Weight: 15 oz.

If all firearms were treated as if they were loaded, there would be no more accidental shootings. Shoot Straight, Shoot Safe!


Jim Hammond has had some sort of gun in his hand since he was 5 years old. He started with a Daisy BB gun as a small boy, and with careful instruction from his very safety-minded father, has become a skilled and knowledgeable shooter now willing to share his knowledge and experience as he has FUN SHOOTING. “Safety first and everything else will follow.”