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2010 Spring Fishing Edition Stories, Info and Downloads

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Just in case you don’t have an attorney on retainer to keep up with the ever-changing and confusing list of state, federal, Gulf and Atlantic fishery regulations, we will hit the major ones here and provide a complete list you can print. To stay current on saltwater fishing regulations you can go online:

• Florida state waters (Click here)

• Gulf of Mexico federal waters (beyond 9 miles) go to: (http://www.gulfcouncil.org/)

• South Atlantic federal waters (beyond 3 miles), go to: www.safmc.net. (http://www.safmc.net)

Or check out this story on the website http://www.woodsnwater.net/articles/april-2010/grouper http://www.woodsnwater.net/articles/april-2010/grouper

New products designed to catch BIG trout!

by Capt. Pat McGriff

NOW, just when you thought it was safe to go back on the water, two of our favorite lure makers have built some great new stuff that is dangerous to both the fish and anyone who wants to doze off and take it easy in their flats boat!

I talked to a local man the other day who has been killing the BIG trout by throwing the old “Dorkies,” a now extinct copy of the “Original Corkie,” which was made in Texas.

These soft-plastic, slow-sinking, pre-rigged (with treble hooks) lures were made famous after the current Texas state record trout (16-plus pounds!) fell victim to one. Well, as luck would have it, guess who bought this lure from the original maker, Mr. Paul Brown? L&S Bait Company, the Largo, Florida-based maker of the MirrOlure brand now owns the “Paul Brown Originals.” The same great lures are now available under a new name in tackle stores everywhere. The once-hidden Texas secret is out. The real BIG trout purists in Texas swear by this bait!

Paul Brown Originals are actually three different shapes/styles – the “Original,” the “Fat Boy” and the “Devil” – in the same great concept.

Take a very, very slow-moving suspending lure designed to take cold, slow-moving, BIG trout (which are reluctant to strike) and give them a realistic, soft feel, thus enticing trout to “take” the lure – rather than just striking and refusing to eat as they do on some otherwise “hard” baits.

The whole idea is to fool an older, wiser, more cautious, mature trophy fish with the shape of a baitfish, shrimp or eel that has the soft feel she expects. Add the VMC treble hooks to hold her, and you might soon land your first GATOR trout! There are five models to choose from, including:

• Paul Brown’s Original (wt: 3/4 oz., 3-5/8” long),

• Paul Brown’s Floating Original (wt. 3/8 oz., length 3-5/8”),

• Paul Brown’s Fat Boy (wt. 7/8 oz., length 3-1/2”),

• Paul Brown’s Floating Fat Boy (wt. 3/4 oz., length 3-1/2”),

• Paul Brown’s Devil (wt. 5/8 oz., length 4-7/8”).

The “Paul Brown Original” series lures are now available in 19 colors. Fish them in shallow water anywhere you expect a LARGE fish to be, and don’t be surprised when you hook the BIGGEST trout of your life! I’ll be fishing them for sure! For more info, and to see all 19 colors, go to: www.mirrolure.com/paulbrown/index/html.

“WOW!” was all I could say when I first saw the NEW PRO ELITE Series jig heads from Saltwater Assassin in December. Now I can tell you quite a bit more about them. This NEW push-on, double-spiked design is the perfect match – whether you are rigging an Assassin Shrimp Cocktail, Split Tail Shad, Sea Shad or the 5-inch Shad Assassin.

Not only does the Pro Elite suit all of Assassin’s (and their competitors’) soft plastic baits, but it also marries well with the popular synthetic scented baits.

The Pro Elite Series comes in three weights/sizes (1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz.) and is available in seven colors (lead, white, chartreuse, new penny, gold, red/copper flake and black).

The 1/16 oz. head has a size 2/0 Mustad Accupoint (needle-sharp) black nickel hook, while the 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. jig heads have 3/0 Mustad Accupoint black nickel hooks.

Sporting a tough new finish, the Pro Elite’s sleek new design easily slides through grass and along sandy, rocky bottom to seek out trout, reds, flounder or whatever quarry you are after.

They are available in fine saltwater tackle shops or online at: www.bassassasssin.com.

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