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Florida Fox Attacks: Four people bitten!

Two separate fox attacks in Florida over the past month have injured four people and will result in painful rabies shots for at least three of them.

A fox bit 42-year-old Lake City resident Richard McGlew early June 24 on the Lake City Community College campus when it came up behind him and grabbed his pants leg as he was sitting on a bench, said FWC Capt. Roy Brown.

He attempted to dislodge the fox by grabbing its tail, but the fox then bit his hand and refused to let go, Brown said.

A student came to McGlew’s aid and eventually had to resort to cutting the fox’s throat with McGlew’s pocket knife before it ran into the bushes. Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Rix tracked the fox about 100 yards into the brush to find the body, which was sent off for a rabies test.

Just over two weeks later (and 300-plus miles south) a 60-year-old Vietnam War veteran from Boca Raton admitted to “screaming like a woman” as he attempted to fend of another fox in South Beach Park on July 10.

Stephen Guleff said the aggressive fox – which was later found to have rabies – “yelped” and then chased him from the park’s parking lot to the boardwalk, where he was bitten on the calf as he tried the kick and fend off the animal with his beach chair.

“It wasn’t like it was looking for food. It was looking for revenge or something,” Guleff said.

Minutes later the gray fox attacked a man and his wife at nearby Red Reef Park in Boca Raton. The man was bitten on the calf and his wife was bitten on the knee before he managed to find a PVC pipe and beat the animal to death.

“He came out of the woods crazy,” Michael Noell, 57, told a 911 operator, “I chased the sucker down.”