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For immediate release:

Contact: Karen Parker, 386-758-0525

There are several changes to the schedule of 2010-11 hunts on Camp Blanding, according to Department of Military Affairs and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) personnel.

“Military training is the top priority for Camp Blanding, and unfortunately the training schedule conflicts with several hunts on the area,” said Matthew Chopp, the FWC’s regional public hunting areas biologist.

“These actions are in response to the needs of the State Armory Board, which is the lead land manager at Camp Blanding WMA,” Chopp said. “The Armory Board requires the following hunt date changes and area closures to accommodate military training, which will facilitate future troop deployment.”

The changes include:

§ Closure of Still Hunt Area No. 1 during the following dates:

§ Sept. 28-30 and Oct. 5-7 (early season archery)

§ Oct. 12-14 and Oct. 19-21 (muzzleloading gun - quota permit)

§ Closure of the area north of Greble Road in Still Hunt Area No. 2 during the following dates:

§ Oct. 5-7 (early season archery)

§ Open archery-only areas during the following dates:

§ Sept. 28-30 and Oct. 5-7 (early season archery)

§ Oct. 12-14 and Oct. 19-21 (muzzleloading gun - quota permit)

Please note that even though the “archery-only areas” have been added, hunting with archery equipment or firearms, other than muzzleloading guns, is prohibited during these muzzleloading gun hunts.

Hunters may call the Camp Blanding Hunting Hotline at 904-291-9912 to find out which archery-only areas will be open. This information also will be posted at check station No. 3, where check-in is required prior to hunting in the archery-only areas.

“We encourage hunters to attend and enjoy their hunts, but we felt they should be aware of this information prior to their visit,” Chopp said. “If hunters choose not to attend, they may return their quota permit for re-issuance to the public.”

People returning quota permits (postmarked prior to the first day of the hunt) that were issued in Phase I will have their preference points reinstated and an additional preference point awarded.

To see the worksheet for 2010-2011 Muzzleloading Gun Quota Hunts, with details on returning permits and re-issuance schedule, go to MyFWC.com/Hunting and click on “Limited Entry Hunts.”