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February 2010

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February 2010

Check out a partial listing of the stories featured in this months exciting issue of Woods 'n Water. From new rules to current news, reader photos and stories, along with current tide tables and feed times, look to WNW as a one stop location for all your outdoor information... (Read more)

February Boggin' Action! (HOT New Videos!)

This Month's Action

Muddi Gras in Kenansville has made a long list of improvements in preparation for their Feb. 5-7 event. “There is less water and more mud for bogging... (Read more)

NRA alert: 9 Florida Gun Bills filed for 2010!

February 2010

In a Dec. 11, 2009 alert to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF), USF Executive Director Marion P. Hammer turned the spotlight on nine bills... (Read more)

Deer season’s not over yet!

February 2010

Thus far, this deer season has been pretty good to me as far as quantity goes. I shot two does during doe week, and I got my season limit on fall gobblers, but I have yet... (Read more)

‘Dad, you freakin’ shot me!’

February 2010

Hunting is among the safest sports anyone can enjoy. It’s so safe that, statistically speaking, a fellow would be several times more likely to end up in the hospital... (Read more)

Don't Give Up! (Part 1)

February 2010

This is a story about my hunting buddy Alex Thomason and his quest for a hunting rifle. This story starts off with Alex spending hours on the internet and reading Woods ‘n Water... (Read more)

2009-10 Bag Limits and Hunting Season Dates

December 2009

Football season is in full swing, and the 2009-10 hunting season is starting to crank up. Already, archery season has been going on in most of the state... (Read more)


WNW Buck of the Year!

2008-09 Contest

The highly anticipated Buck of the Year edition is available now! Check out the exciting stories of all top 10 bucks harvested in the state of Florida during the 2008-09 hunting season, including 4 bucks that netted 150+ Boone and Crockett inches! Get your copy today. (Read more)