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Muddi Gras in Kenansville has made a long list of improvements in preparation for their Feb. 5-7 event.

“There is less water and more mud for bogging, a new drive-thru wash down for trucks, buggies and ATVs, a new 300-foot muck bounty hole featuring 400 tons of ‘gumbo clay’, a new dual-lane fast racing track with LED-timed scoreboards and an improved sound system,” according to Mike Kelly.

If that’s not enough, Muddi Gras will host the first national points race of the season for PRO-BADD (Professional Blown Alcohol Dirt Dragster) on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.

These “BADD” dirt drag racers are fast, so don’t be late, or you will miss the ground-pounding, lightning-fast runs.

More than $10,000 in cash prizes will be on the line over the weekend, as racers compete for the title of “King of Muddi Gras.”

Trucks can challenge the new “Gator Bounty Hole” on Saturday (fastest time or best distance) for $500 and the title of “King of the Hole.”

On Sunday, the biggest and baddest mega trucks in the South will compete in a “Hill-n-Hole” event on the brand new race track at 10 a.m.

For more information, contact Mike Kelly at (407) 892-7928 or go online to www.muddigras.com.

Mud racing started back in the mid 1970s, and by the late 1980s there were many mud racers competing at tracks across the U.S.

The sport was a big hit across the country, racing year-round – outdoors during the summer and indoors (arenas, civic centers and football stadiums) during the winter months.

The problem was that every track had a different way of doing things and classes broken down differently. In 1988, the NMRO (National Mud Racing Organization) was started by Gary Baker, an open class racer who knew something had to be done to grow the sport.

The sport thrived throughout the 1990s and even had its own newspaper (The NATIONAL MUDDER). NMRO Championship Mud Racing was even featured on Diamond P Sports’ “Trucks & Tractor Power” every Saturday on TNN.

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In 2000, The Promotion Company/Special Events acquired the NMRO. Baker continued selling parts and building cars for the sport and stayed in contact with many of the racers.

As years went by, the number of cars started to decline. In December 2008, Gary and several personal friends and fellow open class drivers, knew something had to be done, so they formed the Professional Racing Organization (PRO) and the Blown Alcohol Dirt Drag (BADD) class out of the former NMRO Open Class drivers competing with engines powered with blower motors.

These BADD boys of mud racing are widely considered the “Best of the Best” and the fastest in the sport. Last year the PRO-BADD series got off to a great start and had televised racing on MUDTRUCK TV on UNTAMED Sports. With the internet, PRO also provides drivers with a website (www.PROBADD.com) to promote themselves to the world.

No strangers to the sport since racing the open class back in the 1980s, the Kelly family wanted to bring PRO-BADD to Muddi Gras for their season opener. On Feb. 6, Gary and some of the top PRO-BADD racers will be in Kenansville, FL at Muddi Gras for the “SCS Gearbox ALL-STAR Series Nationals” attempting to set a new national record faster than the current 2.122 seconds – or even the current world record of 2.110 seconds.

The “King of BADD” Mike Lane holds both records and will be at Muddi Gras, where MUDTRUCK TV will be on hand filming the event. Other PRO-BADD legends scheduled to be at Muddi Gras include: Ennis Thomas from Grovetown, Ga. driving the “Heartbeat of America,” Gary O’Steen with his “Dad’s Dirty Bird,” driven by his son Mark O’Steen from Daytona Beach, Fla. and Mark

“The Shark” Lee from Clayton, NC. Some of the PRO-BADD “Young Guns,” like Jeff Goldizen from Bridgeport, WV, Andy Garrett and Shawn Barber from St. Louis, MO are also scheduled to race. If you would like to check out the fastest and “BADDest” racers in the sport of mud racing, you don’t want to miss Muddi Gras February 5-7.



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by Rich Augat, Superior4x4.com

Last month we talked about how exciting 2009 was and how the prospects for 2010 looked even better. January didn’t let us down, as parties lit up New Year’s Eve, and 2010 kicked off with great mud-slinging action all across the state, our first “Bounty Hole Challenge” and some serious mud racing!

If New Year’s Eve parties were your thing, Bubba’s Mud Ranch, L-Cross Offroad Park and Redneck Yacht Club (RYC) helped ring in the New Year right with big bashes.

RYC brought in live entertainment for the weekend, in addition to four days of non-stop boggin’ and racing in Punta Gorda. RYC’s “Chicago style racing” on their reconfigured circle track saw Scott Sweat and his “No Sweat” Samurai and Ken Brewer in “Steamboat” split first place in the 2-1/2-ton class, while Forrest Griffin and Doug

Hale took first and second respectively in the 1-ton class. Georgia Mud Bogging in Dallas, Ga. hosted open bogging and the first “Bounty Hole” event of the year, won by Matt Smith’s late model Chevy that flat “ate it up” all day and won him $2,500.

(story continued below)

The New Year’s Day event had spectators hanging around for a “Hill Jump” competition, where Matt lined his truck up again (to the delight of the crowd) and launched himself nearly vertically off the hill before making a spectacular splash (see photos above).

Words can’t do justice to all the pulse-pounding January events, but February has my blood boiling! Muddi Gras, Horse Hole Creek and Hog Waller all have Super Bowl weekend events (Feb. 5-6-7), while Triple Canopy Ranch, Auggie Bog, Horse Hole and Hog Waller all host events Feb. 20-21.

Triple Canopy Ranch’s “Florida Cracker Fest” on Feb. 19-21 will include: Airboat Rodeo Shoot-out Race, a “Swap Shop” meet, “Gator Tail Cook-off” competition, “Ms. Cracker Fest” (Daisy Dukes) contest for $500 in cash and prizes, a “Party After Dark” featuring Billy Halterman & the Wild South Band and some good ol’ mud bogging!

February’s final weekend has even more great events, including Redneck Yacht Club’s “Swamp Cabbage Weekend” on Feb. 26-28 in Punta Gorda and Trucks Gone Wild’s “Hill N Hole” event at Bithlo Motorsports Park on Feb. 28.

For a list of all the events on the February calendar, check out the following pages and then get out your calendar to see which ones you plan to attend this month. The weather is starting to get a little warmer, and as the mercury rises, so will the off-road action! It’s going to be an exciting month and a great year!


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