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January 2010

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January 2010

Check out a partial listing of the stories featured in this months exciting issue of Woods 'n Water. From new rules to current news, reader photos and stories, along with current tide tables and feed times, look to WNW as a one stop location for all your outdoor information... (Read more)

January Boggin' Action! (HOT New Videos!)

“2009-The Year of Boggin"

Make a note, write it down or flip through back issues for this past year and you’ll see why 2009 will be remembered as “The Year of Mud Boggin’... (Read more)

Father and son take monster Missouri bow buck

January 2010

Chad Foster of Clarksdale, Mississippi bagged a huge 275-pound 14-point on Oct. 17, 2009 while hunting at Island 66 Hunting Club located near Clarksdale on the Mississippi River... (Read more)

New rules dominate FWC’s December meeting

January 2010

The FWC ended a two-day meeting in Clewiston on Dec. 10 by voting to retain Rodney Barreto as chairman. It was one of the few things commissioners did not vote to change... (Read more)

That (‘coon) dog will hunt!

January 2010

Some of my huntin’ buddies and I really live for being out in a wet patch of woods in the middle of a cool night and hearing the not-so-distant sounds of our ‘coon hounds when they open up on a hot trail... (Read more)

Not your Grandfather's Savage

January 2010

A couple of years ago, I was looking for a 308 or 30-06 I could use to hunt and target shoot. I searched different forums and websites for months and wound up seeing... (Read more)

2009-10 Bag Limits and Hunting Season Dates

December 2009

Football season is in full swing, and the 2009-10 hunting season is starting to crank up. Already, archery season has been going on in most of the state... (Read more)


WNW Buck of the Year!

2008-09 Contest

The highly anticipated Buck of the Year edition is available now! Check out the exciting stories of all top 10 bucks harvested in the state of Florida during the 2008-09 hunting season, including 4 bucks that netted 150+ Boone and Crockett inches! Get your copy today. (Read more)