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by Superior Style & Sound


by Rich Augat, Superior4x4.com

Make a note, write it down or flip through back issues for this past year and you’ll see why 2009 will be remembered as “The Year of Mud Boggin’.”

This was the year an unprecedented number of massive new off-road parks opened their muddy doors to the delight of thousands of boggin’ fans.

Two of the newest additions – Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda and Triple Canopy Ranch in Lake Wales – combine to offer over 1,200 acres of mud pits, trails and ATV tracks.

Auggie Bog in St. Augustine, Horse Hole Creek in Inglis and Hog Waller in Palatka all ramped up the action, joining some long-time events like Muddi Gras in Kenansville, Puddin Creek and Kelly Grade in Perry. Some events held at these parks pulled in more paid attendance than many baseball and football games – really!

This was the year Sports Illustrated came down to take photos of what we do and showed the rest of the country how it’s done “Down South.” We have something special going on in the mud down here, and the word is getting out!

Many wonder why off-roading and muddin’ has done so well during these tough economic times. It’s because of the people behind the rigs who have already been doing this for years.

The fantastic off-road community here in Florida, Georgia and the Southeast has always been out and about, buildin’, boggin’, diggin’, pullin’ and racin’ all around the state. But this year thrust the sport into the spotlight, as these huge venues and other historic mud bogs put on some of the best racing and special events ever seen in the country.

Truck and mud bogging fans from around the country converged in Florida to root and plow their way through our state’s many awesome muddy venues. From mud racing, to old-fashioned, open mud bogs and bounty holes, truck pulls and high-flying “Hill ‘n Hole” events, 2009 had something to keep your mind in the mud and foot on the floor.

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It’s contagious! If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to check out an event at Bubba’s Mud Ranch, Horse Hole Creek, The Muddhole in Clear Springs, Alabama or Auggie Bog. Spend a weekend at the Redneck Yacht Club, Muddi Gras, Hog Waller and Woodpecker in White Springs or absorb the mighty power of a TGW event at Triple Canopy Ranch or Puddin Creek.

It’ll put “mud in your blood” and you’ll see why the sport is catching national attention. You’ll feel the horsepower and meet some of the South’s awesome off-road community. Then you’ll know 2009 was ‘The Year of Muddin,’ and why 2010 will be even better.

We owe all this to those who custom build and improve their trucks, swamp buggies, Jeeps and ATVs and anyone who puts a mud tire on their ride. We want to thank everyone involved for making Florida and the South the nation’s leader in mud-bogging and off-road sports this year.

From all of us at Woods ‘n Water and Superior4x4.com, have a Happy New Year! We can’t wait to see you in the mud somewhere in 2010!



by Superior Style & Sound


by Rich Augat, Superior4x4.com

This past month, thanks to Triple Canopy Ranch’s “Boggin for Tots” Christmas event, we were able to cover everything we like to write about in one place. We can now review the awesome Christmas event TCR put on, tell you about their “Toys for Tots” toy drive and even pick a new winner in our monthly “Baddest Truck of the South” challenge.

Seriously, the TCR Dec. 11-13 weekend kicked mud! We pulled up Friday afternoon to see “Big Nasty,” winner of our first “Baddest Truck Showdown,” from Georgia owning the dual mud drags on either side of a road set through TCR’s mammoth mud pits.

Then, the mud-slinging roars of multiple 2-1/2 ton trucks came charging through the same stretches with TGW film crews hot on their tails. At the same time, TCR’s promo girls were on the prowl (dressed in Santa suits!) helping collect toys and selling raffle tickets.

We knew, right there on Friday afternoon, this was going to be good! In addition to the dual mud strips, TCR served up acres of tire-spinning and mud-slinging in their massive mud pits. TCR also built a monster hill, with room for plenty of spectators, just off the main mud pits, providing a better angle for crowds to soak in all the action.

After weeks of preparation, these mega-sized mud pits were primed and ready for folks to come out and play. Oh boy! Did they ever come out to play! By mid-morning Saturday, the placed was packed! The South’s biggest, baddest trucks and buggies showed up and truly gave absolutely everything they had – tearing it up across the deep, black mud pits the park has cooked up.

These mud pits were lined with spectators early, piled on huge rigs to 1/2-ton stock trucks, all eager to not just watch, but to have their chance at tearing it up and diggin’ in the vast mud holes.

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The crowd was killer on Saturday too, further fueling the mud-slinging, rooster-tail-shooting action being filmed by Trucks Gone Wild. If it was on wheels, it hit the mud Saturday – cargo vans on 2-1/2-ton setups, “built-to-the-hilt” mega trucks, monster Jeeps, ATVs and unreal buggies. Wow! The swamp buggies that turned out at TCR were “bad to the bone!”

The TCR girls made the rounds on one of those swamp buggies, passing out goodies, looking good and having fun. The girls also made it to the party Saturday night in hopes of taming the mechanical bull. Oh yeah, there was a party, bull riding and a DJ too! DJ Brownie helped me and “The Crew” from Superior Style and Sound (www.superior4x4.com) set up a bit of a Christmas party. It was really fun to have our fellow boggers hanging out, bull riding and dancing on trucks and buggies ‘till 2 am. We hope you had fun.

But, TCR’s holiday event was more than just a Christmas mud bog and party. It was also a toy drive for the “Toys for Tots” organization. The thousands of boggers and off-road fans that showed up managed to fill half of a semi truck trailer full of toys by Saturday!

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That’s no easy task. There were piles of toys donated by all who came out. That shows the spirit of our boggin’ community – to not only make the trip, but to also make a contribution. Times are tough, and to come through for a good cause like this says something about the people who make up our sport.

The “Boggin for Tots” event was great. Thanks to all who came out. Without you, none of these events are possible. So, in return, if your truck or rig made it to Triple Canopy Ranch in December, you are officially one of last month’s “Baddest Trucks in the South.”

No joke. Only the baddest, toughest trucks made it there, and it showed! So, if you were there, cut out and frame this article. It’s your award. Display it proudly because you earned it!

We’ll be in search of bigger and badder trucks at all of the January events and when we return to TCR in February for their “Florida Cracker Fest.” There’ll be just as much to do, plus an airboat and swamp buggy show, races and ATV racing for kids and adults on Sunday. We’ll see you there!

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