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Featuring Michael Waddell and ‘The Bone Collector Crew’

Big Buck Expo July 10-12 in Lakeland

Michael Waddell and “The Bone Collector Crew” are headlining all three Southern Trophy Hunters’ (STH) Big Buck Expos this year, with the Lakeland Expo just around the corner on July 10-12. The Jacksonville Expo was held June 19-21 and the final event is set for July 24-26 in Greensboro, NC.

You can meet Michael and the Bone Collectors, as Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner, Nick Mundt and the behind-the-scenes crew of “Road Trips” and “Bone Collectors” are featured guests in this year’s Muzzy Hunting Camp!

“We’re very proud to have Michael back. Michael helped us kick off the Lakeland show way back in 2004. It was without a doubt one of our funniest shows ever. If you’ve never met Michael and the guys in person, you’re in for a treat. They are as crazy in person as they are on TV,” said STH’s Jay Everett.

“Not only are the Bone Collectors going to be at the show, the producers/videographers Steve Finch and Marc Womack will be with them in our ‘Hunting Camp’ sessions,” Everett said. “It’s not a seminar. It’s a full hour of pull-up-a-chair and kick-up-your-heels conversation around the campfire with the Bone Collectors themselves. Just like at the camp, anything is fair game!”

Johnny and Jay Perez from Double J Outdoors TV will also be featured guests after joining STH for an Alabama hunt last season and earning an invite to share their skills and knowledge at this year’s Muzzy Hunting Camp.

All those who attend the Big Buck Expo have a shot at winning the “Big Buck Lotto,” featuring some of the “coolest giveaways in the hunting industry!” The Big Buck Lotto is “the Hunter’s Lottery.”

Everyone who purchases a “Super Ticket” is automatically entered into the Big Buck Lotto drawing with 30 chances to win over $25,000 in cool hunting stuff, including six hunts-of-a-lifetime, apparel, hunting products, and more!

The 2009 Grand Prize is an all-expense-paid “Dream Hunt” with Team Southern Trophy Hunters. In addition, six (6) first-place winners will receive a choice of one hunt of a lifetime from: CCW Outfitters in Kentucky, Panther Creek in Texas, Butler Farms in Illinois, Midwest Whitetail Adventures in Illinois, Blackwater Hunting Services in South Carolina, and Fur and Feather Outdoors in Nebraska.

Ten second-place winners will receive an Ol’ Man Treestand and 10 third-place winners will receive a Hunter Safety System Pro Series Vest. Tickets are available online now and the “10 Weeks of Winning” is in full swing, as four lucky winners have already won $100 in DK Flatwoods Camo merchandise.

The “10 Weeks of Winning” is a random drawing available to ALL advance ticket purchases (regardless if you purchase a Super Ticket, regular ticket, or child’s ticket). Best of all, you can win more than once! So, the earlier you get your advanced tickets, the better your chances are of winning!

Congratulations to the following winners: Luke Jensen of Land O’ Lakes, Fla. (Week #1); Dennis Mucha of Palm Bay, Fla. (Week #2); James Whitlock of Lithia, Fla. (Week #3) and Debbie Futterer of Indiantown, Fla. (Week #4).

To become a member of Southern Trophy Hunters, visit www.SouthernTrophyHunters.com or call (334) 699-BUCK (2825).

To purchase your ticket or for more information, go to: www.SouthernTrophyHunters.com or call (334) 699-BUCK (2825).