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by Rich Augat, Superior4x4.com

While the weather has been chilly, Florida has been a hotbed of mud racing, bogging and anything offroad.

Already this year we’ve seen monster mud bogs, 2-1/2-ton mega trucks defying gravity on “Hill-n-Hole” tracks and some of the sickest, fastest dirt drag and mud track racing in the Southeast.

Muddi Gras Mud Park in Kenansville, Fla. had folks from around the country come down to usher in the start of the 2010 mud season at their Super Bowl Weekend event.

Muddi Gras, a local favorite of boggin’ fans all over Florida, had some of the baddest trucks in the South getting dirty on their 200-plus-acre property Feb. 5-7. They also had the fastest rigs that race on dirt and mud in the whole world line up and set some lightning-fast times on Muddi Gras’ new dual lane fast track. The Professional

Racing Organization’s Blown Alcohol Dirt Drags (PRO-BADD) series-opener launched the start of their 2010 points series. These guys run 200 feet of track in under three seconds, as their dirt drag rigs launch off the starting line with tremendous authority – delivering a “Perma-Grin” to anyone within eyesight.

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The 200-foot distance is the most common stretch when you talk about mud or dirt racing and is quickly becoming a national standard, although they also run 160-foot tracks and Hill-n-Hole-style races. The Feb. 6 event at Muddi Gras’ 200-foot track hosted the PRO-BADD and a Modified Class.

The PRO-BADD big boys put the pedal to the floor right out the gate, as Mark Lee and the “ML Racing Team” out of North Carolina took an early lead with their “Time Bandit” rig posting a time of 2.141 seconds for the quickest pass of the night. Yes, I said 2.141 seconds to cover over 200 feet of dirt.

The time is actually one of the fastest over a 200-foot stretch EVER (the current world record is 2.110 seconds!).

Lee wasn’t done yet, as he pushed his other rig – “Pure Energy” – over the line in 2.145 seconds. Both runs were mere hundredths of a second off the current world record, exciting a crowd that soaked in every neck-breaking fly-by. Lee’s runs held up and were good for 1st and 2nd, likely helping make many new PRO-BADD racing fans here in Florida.

The current world record is held by PRO-BADD racer Mike Lane, who finished 3rd and 4th at Muddi Gras running in “Wicked Sensation” and “Attitude.”

Organizer Eddie Langley, who oversaw the racing at Muddi Gras, as he does for other events on a regular basis, said, “We’ve had some folks like the PRO-BADD racers run from time to time down here, but it’s been a while since we had a national series like this.”

Not since the late 1980s and early 1990s has Florida seen mud machines such as these this run sanctioned events on local Florida tracks.

Some of Florida’s mud truck racers also got in on the action. Mike Kelly, Jr. and his new “Bad to the Bone” mega truck lined up in the modified class, as the first 2-1/2-ton truck to compete in a race such as this. “Pit Bull” Steve of Stucco Money Racing also showed up with his new race truck to compete in the modified class.

Locals said it was awesome to get some of the nation’s fastest dirt drag racers down to Florida, adding it would help grow both sports, because many racers from up north don’t get many opportunities to attend some of the monster mud bogs down south, and vice-versa.

It was a “win-win” for everyone, especially our Southern boggin’ fans who showed up to take in a whole weekend of Muddi Gras’ “mud-tivities.” Pro Badd’s next race is in Cobbtown, Ga. March 13, and Muddi Gras’ next big event is Memorial Day. You can also check their websites (www.probadd.com) and (www.muddigras.com) for more info.



(This is a partial listing. For a complete list of events coming to an area near you pick up the March issue of WNW)

March 6-7 – Horse Hole Creek

Mud Racing/Bounty Hole Challenge

Horse Hole Creek in Inglis will host two days of racing and bogging, including 100% pay-back consistency races as well as a $1,000 NAPA Auto Parts “Bounty Hole” challenge on Saturday. Trucks will also compete in open pit bogging for the title “Best of Show” and a $100 NAPA gift certificate on Sunday. Call Jake at (352) 447-5538 or check out www.MudUp.com for details.

March 13-14 – Hog Waller Mud Bog


Hog Waller Mud Bog will hold its monthly ATV/UTV Only weekend on March 13-14 in Palatka. The “Bounty Hole Challenge” pot is now up to $2,000 (plus entry fees) and there’s 700 acres of new trails and fun for the entire family. See ad on page 63. For more info, videos and photos, go to www.HogWallerMudBog.com.

March 12-14 - Puddin’ Creek

2nd ‘Dysfunctional Family Reunion’

Puddin’ Creek in Perry, Fla. will host the second annual TGW Dysfunctional Family Reunion on March 12-14. Trucks Gone Wild (TGW) is billing the 2010 event as “the world’s largest gathering of tractor tire mega mud trucks from all over the country.” Puddin’ Creek is located at 6609 South Red Padgett Road in Perry, Fla. Gates open at noon on Friday and stay open through Sunday. For information, e-mail [email protected] or call John, 850-371-2525.

March 20-21 – St. Augustine ‘Auggie Bog’

St. Augustine Raceway will host another “Auggie Bog” on March 20-21 in St. Augustine. New features include: Two-day pass for only $25, Tug-O-War, primitive camping, separate course and mud pit for ATVs, vehicle washdown and pressure washer on-site. Gates open at 8 a.m. Auggie Bog is located at 900 Big Oak Rd., St. Augustine, Fla. See ad on page 60, email: [email protected] or call 904-838-3129.

March 20-21 – Horse Hole Creek

Hill-N-Hole, Consistency Race, Bounty Hole

Horse Hole Creek’s new owners offer a ton of fun in Inglis, Fla. on March 20-21, as trucks can compete in a Consistency Race (100% pay-back), a NAPA Auto Parts Bounty Hole ($1,000) on Saturday and two classes of “Hill-N-Hole” racing on Sunday for cash prizes (10-truck minimum). Call Jake at (352) 447-5538 or check out www.MudUp.com for details. Horse Hole Creek is located 8 miles north of Inglis on Hwy. 19/98.

March 27-28 – Hog Waller

Open Mud Bog Weekend

Hog Waller Mud Bog will open up its expanded mud pits and 700 acres of new trails and mud for the entire family on March 27-28. The Bounty Hole challenge could be worth over $2,000 in cash for the best truck. For more info, videos and photos, go to: www.HogWallerMudBog.com.


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