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The State of Florida is conducting a study to better estimate the numbers of red snapper that are harvested and the condition of red snapper that are released by recreational anglers.

The Florida Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) is seeking assistance to help with research efforts on red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. This information is needed to determine the health of the red snapper stock in the Gulf and evaluate the effectiveness of current fishing regulations.

You can help by taking a catch card with you the next time you go fishing and fill out the requested data for every red snapper you harvest or release. To receive a red snapper catch card with free return postage, send an e-mail with your complete mailing address to [email protected].

Or, if you don’t mind paying postage, a catch card data sheet may be downloaded online at: (http://research.myfwc.com/features/view_article.asp?id=32671)

The next time you go fishing offshore, fill out the red snapper catch card and mail the form in a self addressed stamped envelope to: Chris Bradshaw, FWC, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, 100 8th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

If you provide your return address, the FWC will send you an adhesive fish ruler for your boat or cooler. E-mail any questions to [email protected]. If a tagged snapper, grouper, or triggerfish is caught, please record the tag number, date and time of capture, where the fish was caught, fish length, species, type of bait used, and whether the fish was kept or released. If the fish is released, please do not remove the tag so that we may continue to collect recapture data from the fish. Please call our Fish Tag Hotline at 1-800-367-4461 or e-mail [email protected] with this information and we will send a free T-shirt!