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by Superior Style & Sound


Labor Day weekend is usually the end of the summer and an opportunity for us hard-working stiffs to untie the boots and have a little fun.

Triple Canopy Ranch (TCR) was more than happy to host a four-day “Mud-A-Thon,” giving us boggers a full holiday weekend to explore and play in the newly-opened offroad park.

As we briefly hit on last month, Triple Canopy Ranch is one of the newer and larger mud/offroad parks in the state, featuring over 400 acres of off-road ingenuity and an event schedule to ensure a good ol’ muddy time.

The sprawling park has all the things you wish for in a modern mud/offroad venue: a massive mud pit with wash downs, specific ATV sections for kids and adults, showers and concessions and postcard-like camping sections for both the family and moonlight crowds.

These features didn’t take away from the rustic feel of mud-bogging and off-roading – in fact, the pine trees in and around the park and the perfect black mud gave us the old-fashioned backwoods trail riding feeling so close to many of our hearts.

It was a great combination of both the old and new and offered something for every vehicle which traversed its muddy paths.

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The massive mud pit was the highlight of the Labor Day event with varying depths and degrees of mud and dirt. The main mud pit has elevated roads for traffic to flow through and around the huge fields of muddy delight.

There are pine tree hammocks that form islands in the mud pit, giving spectators shade and prime spots to watch the mud fly, up-close and personal. One such island of pine trees was loaded with buggies, ATV’s, huge trucks and anything that could make it under its shady canopy.

From there, they watched the tractor trucks and buggies have a field day in a deep, soupy 100-yard stretch of mud lined with hungry mud fans on either side armed with cameras and video recorders, eager to get a shot of the high-horsepower-fueled runs.

Triple Canopy Ranch is also designed incredibly well. It was able to handle Florida’s uncanny summer rainstorms, thanks to an impressive drainage system that did not leave thousands of guests mired in muck despite receiving over 12 inches of rain just 36 hours before the Labor Day event got underway.

As many former mud bog property owners know, good neighbors are a must. TCR has a good one, as the River Ranch Property Owners Association is located right next door. River Ranch is a property co-op that endorses almost any outdoor activity and encompasses close to 100,000 acres of wooded adventureland.

With the park’s many amenities, professional management and a good feel about what off-roading and mud sports should be, Triple Canopy Ranch is a great spot to play in the mud. Make sure to check out their December “Boggin’ for Tots” benefit event, which will be filmed by Trucks Gone Wild (TGW).

TCR’s mud pits offer plenty of room for the Southeast’s biggest trucks to test their strength, which will make for an event you don’t want to miss.

Whatever your flavor of mud may be, TCR has a plate for you. Don’t be shy, come on down and be their guest, and make sure to get yourself a double portion of TCR’s southern hospitality.

So, until it gets finished, keep checking back here and on Superior4x4.com

by Richard Augat, Off Road Correspondent Superior Style & Sound (Superior4x4.com)


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The October lead-in photo provided courtesy of "The Mud Hunnys"