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In last month’s issue we brought you news of the monster ‘06 King Ranch named “Diggin Dixie” and the “Game Over” Jeep rigs being constructed by Ken’s Tuff Trux shop in Sanford, Fla.

This month we visited the shop founded by Ken Wing, Sr. – who has been cranking out hard-core off-road machines for more than 20 years – to snap a few photos and get the inside scoop from him and his son, Ken, Jr.

They are the masterminds and muscle behind Ken’s Tuff Trux, whose motto is, “If you can dream it – we can build it.” That motto is evident when you see the two HUGE projects that we will be following until they hit the mud in the coming weeks. The “Diggin Dixie” ‘06 King Ranch is owned by David Hood, who anticipates that the mud-racing beast will be a real show-stopper.

“I have plenty of friends who have nice show trucks, but that’s all they are – show trucks. This truck will be a total show truck both ON and OFF the road,” Hood said. “We will be running it in a variety of upcoming mud events, as well as bringing it to the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in the future,” said David.

The mammoth monster mud truck is sure to make an impression at the SEMA show – the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. The “Diggin Dixie” custom tube chassis now sits on a hydraulic shop lift with its huge axles hovering just inches off the ground while the top of the frame already towers over 6 feet high!

And....that’s before the 72-inch tires and the actual truck body are even bolted on! Utilizing a custom 3-link suspension, the truck sports King Coilovers shocks that could be over 4 feet long each!

But the incredible suspension doesn’t stop there! Hood and the Ken’s Tuff Trux crew plans to use a custom air suspension system to complement everything else.

The 5.9L Cummins 24-valve motor features a Silver Bullet twin turbo from Industrial Injection, a fast fuel system, custom heads and oversized pistons.

There is no real accurate estimate yet when it comes to the final horsepower numbers because it will take a dyno test to really find out what the beast’s power plant will actually put out.

So, until it gets finished, keep checking back here and on Superior4x4.com

by Richard Augat, Off Road Correspondent Superior Style & Sound (Superior4x4.com)


THE WIDE-OPEN CYCLES TRUCK (top left) driven by Jason Giddings did a slow roll-over on Aug. 8 in the Bunnell mud, which was slinging all day in the main mud pit (top center) and bounty hole (top right) thanks to Scott Sweat's Samuari. Ray Bardo in the “Batman” truck (above center) is shown tearing it up, while one ATV rider performs two-wheelin' stunts (far right). Meagan Gailey of Ormond Beach was crowned “Ms. Boggin’ Bunnell 2009,” edging out runner-up Christina Craft (above), while Sherry Duncan-Hastings won the “Top Mechanic” spark plug challenge. Tri-Truck Challenge winners (bottom center) were Scott Sweat in the “No Sweat” Samuari (1st leg), Michelle Hackett in her 4-door “Grocery Getter” Chevy (2nd) and Justin Klauck’s CJ-5 (3rd).



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