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Tony Young

Make no mistake about Tony Young . . . while this wild-eyed country boy will certainly charm you with his quick wit, infectious spirit and carefree nature, his outdoor resume – and the trophy kills that adorn his walls – show that, with this native Floridian, the proof is in the puddin’.

Raised in the rolling red clay hills of Tallahassee, Young has 30 years of outdoor experience across the Southeast, and with that, endless stories of adventure and escapades.

His amicable nature and vivid personality captivate Young’s audiences – whether it’s a few friends and co-workers or an arena packed with people (Young also is a Nashville recording artist), one feels as though they are there at the scene of the journey with him when hearing his anecdotes. And with his expertise, Young not only induces more than a few laughs, but also reveals his knowledge for the outdoors.

Those who have the pleasure of hunting, fishing (Young’s outdoor claim to fame is having caught 49 bass eight pounds or larger) or boating with Young not only are in for a fun-filled day but always leave with a bit more familiarity and experience of their own. Oftentimes, they also leave with their very own effervescent stories about Young, as he certainly isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, approach vast species of wildlife or even wrestle with a gator every now and then.

Young is the Media Relations Coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, serving as the agency’s hunting expert and spokesman for the state and is a columnist for Woods ‘N Water magazine. He's written and recorded a few outdoors songs, including “Waitin' on Tom” the theme song for the National Wild Turkey Federation and also “Buck Fever” Young also is a videographer and outdoor YouTube channel host.

He is an avid deer, turkey and gator hunter, and assists in managing various properties and leases throughout the Big Bend. As a graduate of Florida State University, Young resides in Tallahassee with his wife Katie, daughter Isabella and bloodhound Scarlett O’Hara.