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Tiffany is The winner of the “Outdoor Diva of the Year” contest

sponsored by Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com), in a month-long online poll conducted at www.woodsnwater.net in August.

The 23-year-old lifelong outdoors fanatic says her obsessions are “John Deere and anything camo.”

Tiffany, who moved to Florida several years ago from Oregon, says she loves to hunt, fish and hit the mud bogs when she’s not cranking up country music for some dancing, adding that her biggest weakness is Chevy trucks (the bigger the better).

Woods ‘n Water congratulates Tiffany for being our very first “Outdoor Diva of the Year” and wish her the best as she takes part in a photo shoot for Strung Out Clothing’s 2011 “Hooks, Hunnys & Horns” calendar.

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