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"Camo on the outside, orange and blue on the inside!"

Heather Stowell Of Gainesville is the winner of January’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest, sponsored by Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com), at www.WoodsnWater.net.

Heather was “born and raised in Gator nation” and has always loved the outdoors. She would much rather spend an afternoon in the woods than being stuck inside any day. Heather works for the UF College of Dentistry as a dental assistant and in her spare time she enjoys fishing, watersports, riding ATVs and hunting.

The “Outdoor Diva of the Month” will receive $50 in merchandise from www.strungoutclothing.com. To submit your photo entry, or to vote for next month’s contestants, log on to www.WoodsnWater.net or visit www.strungoutclothing.com.

January Contestants

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