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Stephanie Taczak is the winner of November’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest

And will receive merchandise from Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel.

Stephanie, 19, graduated from Boone High School, attends Valencia College and plans to pursue a Business degree at UCF.

As a little girl in Ohio, Stephanie grew up catching perch and crappie with her grandpa and dad in the Shenango River in Pennsylvania.

After moving to Orlando, Fla. when she was seven, she made the switch to bass fishing, and her love of fishing only grew after meeting her boyfriend of three years, Josh Palmer, who bought her a Pflueger fishing pole for their one-year anniversary! “He taught me the basics (how to tie a knot, cast, set the hook, throw a cast net, etc.). I’ll never forget the day I caught my first bass and how excited I was! From that moment on, I have caught a variety of fish, and every time I go fishing, I learn something new.

Thanks to Josh, fishing is something I really enjoy. Although I spend most of my time fishing lakes in the Orlando area, I try my best to make it to the coast to do some inshore and offshore fishing. I love being out on the water more than anything,” Stephanie added.

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