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Rita Davis is the winner of December’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest

And will receive merchandise from Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel. Rita, 26, has lived in Taylor County for her entire life and has been married to her best friend for almost 7 years. They had a boy, Kaden, who is almost 6. Rita works as a Quality Control Inspector at Thule in Perry and describes herself as “a down to earth young woman who loves to laugh.” “I surround myself with only my family and closest of friends.

When I’m not working, I can most likely be found in the woods or on a boat. I love the salt life for trout and redfish. The thrill of the line zipping out of the reel, and fighting to get ‘em in the boat just rushes over me like a tidal wave! But, I have to say, the woods life is my passion. I participate in all the hunting seasons, but my favorite is bow season,” Rita said.

“For several years, I used to tag along with Otis during his bow hunts. I would sit back and try my best to be still and stay quiet so he could kill something, but I know I worried him to death! It wasn’t long before I had to give it a try on my own. I started out with a child’s bow we bought at Wal-Mart. When I made my first kill, I knew I was hooked for life,” she added. “Now I have my own Diamond that I am so in love with!

Hunting with my Remington .243 also makes my heart race out of control. It wasn’t until a very close friend of my family’s fell ill that I become really serious about gun hunting. I will never forget one special hunt. We were visiting Dale in the hospital when he told me, ‘Baby, if you want to kill one, you have to go.’ I still had to force myself to go that next morning. It was cold, and I was sitting there thinking about Dale. After a while it seemed as though he was sitting there with me.

In walked a little buck, feeding almost right under my stand. When he presented me with a shot, my lens was fogged up and I couldn’t see anything through my scope, but I couldn’t have made a more perfect shot. He fell dead within 20 yards. I was crying and fought with my cell phone for service to call Dale in the hospital, even before letting my husband know (who was sitting 100 yards away).

I know Dale was there and guided me to that kill. Dale has since passed away, and I am determined to kill him the biggest buck of both of our lives,” Rita said.

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