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Harriet Simmons is January’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

and will receive merchandise from Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel. “I am a young-at-heart, 40-something mother of two girls, who works as a legal secretary during the week and turns into a nature-loving, fishing and hunting girl on the weekends,” Harriet said. “I started fishing almost as soon as I could walk. I was ‘hooked’ after catching my first fish using just a piece of fishing line with a split-shot sinker and a bread ball on a tiny hook.

As I got older, I would fish in the St. Johns River for whatever would bite, using whatever bait I could put my hands on (dead shrimp if I had it, or I’d dig worms in my back yard). Now, I mainly fish for reds, trout, flounder and black drum in the inshore creeks off the Intracoastal.

My fiance, Eric, and I fished in the Florida Keys this summer, and I caught my first dolphin (a 28 lb. bull) using light tackle. Inshore, we were surrounded by tarpon, but couldn’t hook them. I returned home from the Keys on a mission to catch a tarpon, looked up a local guide, and he was able to help me land a 70-pounder!

It was very exciting to catch a fish that large. I just love the sound the reel makes when a fish hits and starts tearing off line. Earlier this year, at my request, my fiance introduced me to hunting, and I was able to kill my first hog with the first shot I ever fired while hunting.

The thrill of that moment has fueled a strong desire to continue hunting, and I am currently on a quest to kill my first deer!

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