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Lisha LeCouris is the winner of the March “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

and will receive merchandise from Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel. “I was born and raised in the small, good ol’ town of Crystal River, where there’s not much else to do other than fish, hunt or get a little dirty at the mud hole,” Lisha said.

“I’m not complaining, because there’s nothin’ more fun than that!” Lisha grew up with all the boys and has never been the “girly-girl type.”

“I love anything that involves being outdoors. Riding around the game reserve with my boyfriend and blarin’ Hank, Jr. is my way of relaxing. I love huntin’ for whitetail, but I must say hog huntin’ is my favorite!

There isn’t a better feeling than to hear that hog squeelin’ in the woods! The adrenaline rush it gives you is crazy!” Lisha added.

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