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Heather N. Jones from Cross City, Florida is the winner of this month’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

sponsored by Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel, after having received the most online votes (“Likes”) on Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

"I am from a small town in Dixie County," Heather said. "I am currently in RN school and plan to finish with my Masters someday.

RN school is very time consuming, but somehow I still find time to hunt and fish whenever possible!

My first time killing a big buck was during archery season. I shot him at 20 yards and I have been hooked ever since! My weekends are usually spent hunting or fishing on the Gulf. There is nowhere else I'd rather be," she added.

“Outdoor Diva of the Month” winners receive $50 in merchandise from Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com) and a t-shirt and tank top from Anchor Point Apparel (www.anchorpointapparel.com).

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