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Ciara Wilson is the winner of this month’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

sponsored by Anchor Point Apparel and Strung Out Clothing. Ciara, who has been an avid fisherwoman and huntress since she was a little girl, received the most online votes (“Likes”) on Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

When Ciara was small she would always ask her dad, "When are we going out in the boat fishing?" Even as a small child, when her dad would pull in a cast net full of bait, Ciara had no fear of the baitfish, shrimp, crabs and other sea life. She would just reach onto the deck of the boat and grab the bait.

According to her father, Shane Wilson, one of Ciara's trademark fishing tricks is to put a shrimp on her hook and then bite the tip of the tail off with her teeth. "She always tells me, it puts more scent out in to the water," Shane says. Her friends thinks it is "nasty," but Ciara just does not care.

She has fished all over Florida – whether trolling for dolphin and tuna in the Florida Keys and Key West, dropping deep in the Dry Tortugas for grouper and huge mutton snapper or fishing for yellowtail in a chum slick, Ciara loves it all.

I will tell her to throw another handful of chum out, and that girl will reach in the chum bucket without hesitation and throw a handful in the water," says Shane. Ciara's largest fish so far was an estimated 250 lb. goliath grouper!

Ciara loves to fish the back bays in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral as well as fishing Redfish Pass, Captiva Pass and Boca Grande for tarpon. Ciara fishes as far up as Placida and the Bull Bay area, as well as all the surrounding small islands.

"When she hooks into a monster redfish she wastes no time getting it out of the mangroves and to the boat," Shane says. Ciara also loves to snorkel and lobster. "She has a set of lungs that any free diver would love to have. Whether that lobster is in the thick grass or under a ledge, she will get 'em." he added.

Ciara was raised in the woods on her grandaddy's property. She will go out and hang with the boys, stalking deer, hogs and turkey. Ciara has been riding four wheelers since she was a young child, and can out-ride most of the boys. "When the boys pull up on the four-wheeler and say get on, her reply is, 'Slide back...I am drivin!'

She has no fear," said her proud dad. "With all that said, Ciara is still a lady, can dress to a 'T' and look just as beautiful as she can be. Ciara is the best all-around kind of girl. She can hang out, hunt or fish all day and still dress up and look like the elegant, beautiful girl she is.

For more photos of Ciara and all the other contestants, previous winners and “Diva of the Month” contest details, go online to www.woodsnwater.net. “Outdoor Diva of the Month” winners receive $50 in merchandise from Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com) and a t-shirt and tank top from Anchor Point Apparel (www.anchorpointapparel.com).

To submit your photo entry or vote for next month’s contestants, log on to www.WoodsnWater.net or visit Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page. Each monthly winner is eligible to participate in the “Outdoor Diva of The Year” contest to win additional prizes and a chance to model for Strung Out Clothing. If any winner is wearing Anchor Point Apparel in her published photos, she will also win $100.

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