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Erin Spires, 28, of Brevard County, Florida is the winner of this month’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

sponsored by Strung Out Clothing and Anchor Point Apparel, after having received the most online votes (“Likes”) on Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

Born and raised on Florida’s Space Coast, as a child Erin and her family spent most of their time out on the ocean fishing, but as she grew older and married an avid hunter, her love for the woods has grown stronger.

“My husband, Josh, and I get outside every chance we get with our two boys – Bryce, age 6-1/2, and 19-month-old Landon,” Erin said. “I love being out in the woods, whether it be sitting in my tree stand waiting for the perfect buck, sitting on the ground waiting for a huge gobbler to cross my path or taking my boys out in the woods on our Kawasaki Teryx and getting dirty!

I’ve been hunting now for a little over four years, and I have to thank my husband for teaching me everything I know,” Erin said. Erin bagged her first gobbler on April 19. He was spurless, but his beard was 10-1/8 inches long and he weighed 18 lbs.

Erin used her Remington 11-87 20-gauge shotgun to make the kill in Wilkinson, Georgia while hunting with her husband and friends, who are all part of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff.

“Outdoor Diva of the Month” winners receive $50 in merchandise from Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com) and a t-shirt and tank top from Anchor Point Apparel (www.anchorpointapparel.com).

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