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Kelsey Johns is the winner of this month’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

sponsored by Anchor Point Apparel, Strung Out Clothing and Trophy Georgia Hunts, having received the most online votes (“Likes”) on Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

"I’m just a simple girl from Kansas who loves everything about the outdoors," Kelsey said. "I spend most of my time on our family farm, hunting or fishing. I've been married for two years to my best friend, partner in crime and archery competitor.

I was raised around the outdoors in a family full of avid hunters. Being the only girl with a bunch of brothers, I had to learn to hold my own quickly. There is something so thrilling about waking up early and heading out on a hunt. The adrenaline of walking to the stand became an addiction, and I wanted to learn all I could.

After a few years hunting with a rifle I decided I wanted to give archery a try. Once I picked up my first compound bow, I’ve never been able to put it down. It opened up a whole new world for me and gave me an entirely new respect for the sport. I've always been a girly girl (and I still am), but figured out I could still be a lady and enjoy the outdoors.

I absolutely love wearing my camo, shooting guns, fishing, practicing with my bow or even just exploring the woods. I go from huntress by day to housewife by night. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do the things I love. I recently decided to take my passion for the outdoors and start a new women's hunting show called "Southern Girl Pursuit" that follows myself and partner, April Cole as we take on all kinds of different hunting and fishing adventures.

Hunting has always been a male-dominated sport, and we want to bring national attention to the rising trend of women in the outdoors by encouraging women and children to get out and experience what the outdoors has to offer. We are in the process of filming our first season, and we are really excited about all the great adventures we have coming up this year."

Outdoor Diva of the Month” winners receive $50 in merchandise from Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com) and a t-shirt and tank top from Anchor Point Apparel (www.anchorpointapparel.com). The “Diva of the Year” will receive a 2-1/2-day gun hunt with Trophy Georgia Hunts (www.trophygahunts.com). To submit your photo entry or vote for next month’s contestants, log on to www.WoodsnWater.net or visit Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

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