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Caroline Douglas is the winner of this month’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest...

sponsored by Anchor Point Apparel, Strung Out Clothing and Trophy Georgia Hunts after receiving the most online votes (“Likes”) on Woods ‘n Water’s Facebook page.

The 24-year-old is a unit manager at a Panama City, Florida nursing home and is studying to become a Nurse Practitioner. “I grew up on the river, learning to fish with my daddy. He taught me young not to be scared of the wiggle worms,” Caroline said.

“About three years ago my soon-to-be husband (our wedding is April 5!) introduced me to saltwater fishing, and most importantly, shark fishing! I fell in love on our first trip!

From setting up the rods, to kayaking the bait out, to the sweet sound of the reels screaming when a shark is on, it’s a great feeling! Last year I got my chance to catch my first shark – a 6-foot blacktip! She was a beautiful release! I love new hunting and fishing experiences.

This year I plan on taking up bow-hunting and spearfishing!” Caroline added.

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