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"The Lil' Queen of the South"

Kate Lecouris of Crystal River, Florida is the winner of August’s “Outdoor Diva of the Month” contest sponsored by Strung Out Clothing (www.strungoutclothing.com) after receiving more than 105,000 votes cast online (out of a total of over 219,000 votes) at www.WoodsnWater.net.

Kate, who recently turned 21, enjoys anything that has to do with the outdoors. “I work at a little ol’ fish house restaurant as a hostess during the week, but after work you can find me in the woods with my husband, checkin’ our game cameras and maybe even sittin’ in the stand for an afternoon hunt with my Martin Monster Buck compound bow,” Kate said.

On weekends you can find her spearfishing in Bayport, using a Hawaiian sling to stick sheepshead and mullet. Kate credits her husband for sparking her interest in the outdoors, saying "He's the one who got me into hunting, we've been together 6 years and now i'm his Lil Queen of the South." Kate added that they even have their own beagles for deer hunting.

“There isn’t anything better than haulin’ butt on a dirt road while chasin’ a big ol’ buck!” Kate said. The “Outdoor Diva of the Month” will receive $50 in merchandise from www.strungoutclothing.com. To submit your photo entry, or to vote for next month’s contestants, log on to www.WoodsnWater.net or visit www.strungoutclothing.com.

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