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"I was raised up country, when country wasn't cool"

This month's contest winner is Katie, 31, an avid and very active outdoors enthusiast who enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, skiing and attending sports and music events. Born and raised in the Wisconsin Northwoods, Katie headed south at the age of 22 to attend graduate school at Florida State University, and over eight years later, still calls Tallahassee home. Katie says growing up in the backwoods made her realize that life is truly about enjoying the simple things and living every moment to the fullest. From pickin' green beans and canning them in mason jars, to deer hunting and chopping firewood, this girl was raised up country, "when country wasn't cool." But sticking to her roots not only instilled a sense of pride in what she did and who she was, it also helped her to realize that being a country-girl isn't so much about geography as it is a state of mind. During the week, Katie works as an adjudicator for the Florida Department of Health and enjoys taking care of her family and their hound dogs. On the weekends, she can be found in the woods or on the water, living it up and loving life.

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