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"I can get down and dirty, or throw on a dress and party with the best"

Woods ‘n Water congratulates Nicole of Jacksonville for being named Dirty Diva Designs’ “Outdoor Diva of the Month” after the 30-year-old Jacksonville mother of one collected a record of more than 50,600 online votes at www.WoodsnWater.net, topping eight other contestants who all combined to earn over 96,000 votes!

Nicole has a degree in Histology from FCCJ and works in the field of pathology. She describes herself as “a huge outdoors enthusiast who loves nothing more than spending time outdoors enjoying the wind on my face and the smell of fresh air. I love tromping through the woods looking for animal sign and tracks. My favorite is hog hunting. You know you are close when you hear ’em squealing!” she said.

Nicole has hunted a lot on the Big Bend WMA and says the Hickory Mound Unit is her favorite. “That place is loaded with game, and you never know what you will see,” she said, adding that she normally hunts with her family, and last year got to see her son bag his first boar in Tide Swamp WMA. Nicole also enjoys boating, fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, 4-wheelin’ and skydiving.

“I have to admit that growing up in Jacksonville makes me a city girl, but about five years ago I was introduced to country livin’ and hunting, and I’ve been hooked ever since. During the week I’m a professional, but on the weekends, this ‘Backwoods Barbie’ gets to come out and play. I can get down and dirty, then throw on some heels and a dress and party with the best,” Nicole said.

“I’m proud to say that I enjoy hunting with my son the most. I was the only woman at Camp Blanding’s youth hunt last year and would love to see more moms involved. Hunting has become a way of life for us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Instead of getting to see photos and hear stories about my son’s kill, I was there, and I’m proud as a peacock! I help teach my son about conservation. We hunt to eat, not just to kill.”

“I have to say the thrill of hunting is addicting. When you are in the stand and hear an animal walking or some rustling, it’s an adrenaline rush. What is it? A bear? A pig? A buck? A big buck? Then, out of the corner of your eye you see that white ear flick. There he is! You are so excited you forget to breathe. That’s what make it awesome. The thrill of the hunt!”

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