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Outdoor Diva of the Month Contest

Contest Details

The Outdoor Diva of the Month will receive the following:

Trophy Georgia Hunts is offering the winner of the Diva of the Year Contest (held each November and consisting of the winners of the previous 11 DOTM contests) a 2-1/2-day gun hunt valued at a whopping $1,800.00!!! - *(TGH has also agreed to allow the Diva's partner to hunt along with her at a 50% discount, a $900 value!) bringing the total potential value of the couple's hunt up to $2700.00!

Settin The Hook apparel has agreed to give the winner of the contest a gift pack (valued at $75) for a clothing/merchandise shopping spree at http://www.settinthehook.com/!

Anchor Point Apparel offers the winner a t-shirt and tank top, and if the winner of the Outdoor Diva of the Month contest is wearing Anchor Point Apparel in her published contest photos, they will also award her 100.00!

Each winner of the month will be eligible to participate in the "Outdoor Diva of The Year" contest.

In the month of October we will post all previous winners pictures on the website for the public to cast their vote. The winner with the most votes will hold this years title and be invited to a photo shoot to model for Strung Out Clothing apparel and additional prizes.

Please submit 4 quality photos to [email protected]

Woods ‘n Water Magazine, Inc. reserves to right to add to, delete from or otherwise alter contest rules without prior notice should it, in our opinion, become necessary to preserve the integrity of the contest and/or to protect participants and/or sponsors. A copy of the contest rules are available upon request.