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Daryl Thompson's “CHUMP CHANGE” is this month’s “Truck of the Month”...

after getting 60% of the online votes at www.woodsnwater.net.

Daryl, 23, is from Lakeland, Florida and he and his “Money Talks Motorsports” team has been building, racing and improving his ‘87 Chevy for the past three years while competing all around Central Florida, including Lakeland, Bubba’s Mud Ranch and Alligator Alley in Kissimmee.

Daryl also took on the Redneck Yacht Club mud track in July for the final leg of the “Triple Crown” series. Chump Change has a 454 big block (taken out of a motor home) and gives credit to his grandfather Marvin Thompson, as well as his sponsors Steve Smith at Smith Drywall Services and Tim Gavin at Brandon Transmission, for helping him live out his muddin’ dreams.

“Everybody helps me out a lot. I couldn’t do it without them,” Daryl said.

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