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Truck of the Month – Russell Twitty and his new K5 Blazer “Liva Killa” was voted “Truck of the Month”...

this past month at www.WoodsnWater.net. After having his K5 “Liva Killa” rebuilt at Bam Bam Biguns in Tallahassee earlier this year, Twitty was putting on a show at a Trucks Gone Wild event in Hortense, Ga. when the beast rolled on its side.

The Blazer was quickly rebuilt and once again entertained the crowd by winning the “Battle of the Berm” at Pudding Creek’s TGW event in October. “Liva Killa” is powered by a 1,060-horsepower Merlin engine and runs on FOA adjustable coil over shocks, with upgraded sway bars, link bars and bump stops.

Two radiators (one in the bed) feature hoses running through the beefed-up 2.5-inch diameter DOM frame.

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