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This month’s “Driver of the Month” is Chris (a.k.a. Toby) or “Iniviate”

from Jacksonville, Florida. Despite getting into mud-bogging just five years ago, Toby has already become a big name in the bogging world, which helped him become the first winner of the Woods ‘n Water “Truck of the Month” contest (voted online at www.woodsnwater.net/boggin/totm) by a landslide. Coming from a racing background, it is somewhat surprising that Toby’s 2000 GMC Sierra still has a mostly stock drive train. When asked to compare racing to bogging, Toby states, “It is less stressful, and the people are a lot more laid back in mud-bogging.” He said his neighbor got him into mud trucks, and after just one trip to Pudding Creek, he was hooked. Toby has become an internet legend with some of his builds chronicled online, as well as a familiar face at many bogs, helping him become this month’s “Driver/Truck of the Month.”

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