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This month’s “Driver of the Month” is Joe Crane with his S-10

Joe Crane's S-10 won the Brick’s Mud Truck Challenge in "The Slough" at Bricks Off-Road Park in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. While no one walked away with the entire $6,000 this year, a huge gathering of huge trucks put on an amazing show. Joe Crane went a total distance of 272 feet before losing fuel pressure, having to put out a small fire and calling it quits. The competition was steep this year, and the top 10 trucks took home a total of $6,000. Mike Ballew (256.8') finished second, followed by: Johnny McNeese (220.6'), Mike Burns (220'), William McMerrick (216'), Ray Hovis (215.7'), Matt Brinker (215'), Daniel Van Deven (213'), Tommy Wright (209.9') and Corey Umflect (205.8'). To conquer Brick's Slough, a truck and driver must actually make it the full 300 feet and drive out within a 15-minute time limit. When no one "beats the Slough," the driver and truck that makes it the greatest distance is declared the winner.

This Month's Contestants