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This month’s “Driver of the Month” is Aimee Taylor

This month’s Truck (Driver) of the Month was a “ladies-only” competition, and the voting was the most intense the contest has seen in recent months, as Aimee Taylor of Titusville, Florida squeaked out a victory. Aimee is part of the “Silver Bullet Racing Team.” She has been racing for about 7 years now and got into it because of her boyfriend – who has been mud racing for nearly 20 years! You can catch Aimee driving either their "Girls Can Too" street class 1992 Chevy, sporting a front Dana 60 and a 383 engine making 434 horsepower, or behind the wheel of “Locked N Loaded” – a 1985 stepside with a pump gas, bored-out 502 making around 700 horsepower! And, just because she is a woman, don’t think she takes it easy on the skinny pedal! Anyone who has seen her race (or wreck) knows she's out to win it! One of her best memories is showing up at Lakeland Motorsports Park being an unknown racer, only to end up taking home first place. Expect bigger and better things from Aimee. With a new 1,000 horsepower 2.5 ton beast about to join the Silver Bullet Racing team, you can bet you'll be hearing more about Aimee Taylor.

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