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This month’s “Driver of the Month” is Chad Rowe with FOOLI$H MONEY

Many trucks may deserve the recognition of “Truck of the Month;” however, this month’s winner is “Fooli$h Money,” owned and driven by Chad Rowe of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Fooli$h Money is a 1997, 5-ton F150 on 18.4/26 R2s. The truck sits on a full tube chassis and is powered by a 514 big block Ford (which helps it to fly) and has Night Stalker shocks (which help it land).

Chad has been bogging all his life, and claims, “I grew up doing this every friggin’ day.”

Growing up in Inverness, Florida, Chad and his father were always at the local pond or driving up sand hills.

For Chad, bogging is about good friends and family. About going out and having fun with those you care about.

If you look up at the right time, you should be able to catch Chad flying by in Fooli$h Money at many major mud parks and mud bogs in the near future, including Pudding Creek this October!

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