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Truck of the Month – You may have seen Tommy Ross’s truck out many times...

over the past year and had no clue who he was. Tommy is certainly deserving of this month’s “Truck of the Month” title. In this day and age when trucks come and go every few months, Tommy’s 1987 Chevy has been a staple in Lake County, Florida for over 6 years.

Powered by a pump gas 502 with a 150 shot of nitrous, FTI transmission, SCS case, Big Shocks and 14.9 tractor tires, Tommy’s truck works well as a reliable bog truck and a competitive race truck. Growing up near the Ocala National Forest, Tommy has been bogging since he was 13.

Now, nearly 30 years later, he has a son of his own who he is passing the tradition on to. Make sure to keep an eye out this spring for Tommy. With a fresh engine, he will be sure to be out bogging again in the familiar ‘87 Chevy!

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