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April “Truck of the Month” winner – “Dirty South”

There is perhaps no more deserving “Truck of the Month” winner than this month’s – “Dirty South” and Corky Williams of Wacissa, Florida.

Having the most wins in the Pudding Creek Bounty Hole, the driver of the “Dirty South” Chevy is finally getting the recognition his fans demand.

The “Dirty South” truck is sporting 5-ton axles, 66-inch-tall monster truck tires, and a 600 horsepower 383 small block. This makes for a awesome combination of power, strength and weight. The truck was built by Wacissa Off-Road – a shop with one of the best mudbogging mottos ever: “Spending money you ain’t got to impress people you don’t know.”

Raised in the woods, bogging came naturally to Corky, and he has been doing it for 30 years. “If there was a wet spot, we had to play in it.” he said. Of course, this was back when 38s were considered huge, and if you had a set, you had “the stuff.”

Corky was also a regular at 6 Mile Pond and other old bogging grounds around Tallahassee. “Back then you knew everyone and it was just run what you brung,” Corky said.

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