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This month’s “Driver of the Month” is Buster at Wacissa Offroad

Like Father, like son – This month’s “Truck of the Month” contest winner is Buster from Wacissa Offroad. Buster’s truck is one of those you see at a mud bog and immediately know it is going to put on a good show every time. The truck is a 5-ton 2005 F150 with a high power 632 in the bed.

With an all-custom fabricated frame, a built T400 transmission and a reverse gear SCS case, this truck not only can sling some mud, but it can jump with the best of them! Buster started out bogging 4-wheelers at the young age of 9, and was bogging his daily driver by the time he could drive (just like his father – last month’s winner, Corky, in the “Dirty South” truck).

Bogging is a family tradition at Wacissa Offroad. Although most people drool over a truck like this, Buster says a better and faster truck is in the plans. “I love jumping, it just makes your heart beat!”

We can’t wait to see what’s next from Buster and the Wacissa Offroad team. Buster also extended his thanks to all of his friends and buddies who have lent a hand with wrench-turning over the years. For any of your fabrication needs, Wacissa Offroad can be reached at 850-519-4232.

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