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This month’s “Truck of the Month” Contest winner is Chase Celeschi from Thomasville, Georgia

As the owner of 4x4 Inc., it is no surprise that Chase’s 2005 F-350 Super Duty has been built with great precision.

The drive train in Chase’s truck is enough to make most folks jealous, but it is the details that turns the most heads.

Not only does the truck have a stout 468 Big Block Chevrolet engine, a built T400 transmission, an SCS transfer case and 2 -inch Overson axles in the front and rear, but the front axle sports a spindle brace and the rear axle has a one-of-a-kind truss.

That type of fabrication can’t be found on any other truck.

Starting off at an early age racing dirt bikes, Chase got into mudding when he got his first vehicle – a 1985 1-ton Chevy on 44’s. As a trained machinist and fabricator, Chase’s trucks have gotten a little bit bigger and nicer over the past 13 years!

So, if you happen to be looking for a good machinist to build you a full chassis or just someone to make you a custom transmission pan, you can contact 4x4 Inc. (229-672-0969), where their motto is, “Let’s do it right the first time and be done with it!”

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