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This month’s “Truck of the Month” Contest winner is Daniel “Air” Mundy

The online voting was hot and heavy for our “Truck of the Month” contest this month, but Daniel “Air” Mundy appropriately “jumped” ahead as the winner.

Daniel’s truck is a 1969 Chevrolet that was built from the ground up to be one thing – TOUGH.

Jumping is hard on a truck, but landing is even worse! With an all-tube chassis and Big Shock coilovers, “Air Mundy” jumps and lands well enough that it would make even a true monster truck jealous.

Powered by a small block Chevrolet and sitting on top of 14.9/24 BKT tractor tires, “Air Mundy” is about as balanced and reliable as you can get. A good truck isn’t much without a good driver, but luckily Daniel has been bogging all his life.

His father got him into mud bogging and taught him all the skills it takes to bog (and fly) one of these trucks. Some of his best memories are from the times he was out bogging with his dad.

Daniel would also like to thank Gene’s Transmissions and West Georgia Mud Park for their support. Congrats to Daniel and the “Air Mundy” for winning this month’s Woods ‘n Water “Truck of the Month” contest!

This Month's Contestants

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