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Bithlo's Redneck Games 9-13-09

We went to Bithlo Motorsports park on Sunday September 13th to catch all the action of their Redneck Games. They had numerous events that featured mud slinging action from a variety of classes.

Check out October's Issue of Woods and Water Magazine to see the full racing results and our quest for our Monthly Mythical Baddest Truck in the South after the death "That Damn Red Chevy" Mike Kelly officialy retired the truck after a crushing roll the weekend before.

It has opened up the competition and made way for some serious mud racing.


Lake Wales- Off Road and Mud Bogging Parks have grown up in means of property size and actives. Triple Canopy Ranch is the newest park to open its muddy doors and just so happens to be one of the largest boasting close to 500 acres of off-road ingenuity.

Located Off Hwy 60 Just East of Lake Wales, the park's location is an easy drive for many fans off the boggin community. Their park mixes a natural wooded setting with the spirit of an off road park that includes various sections for anything that tromps or crawls through the mud.

Triple Canopy Ranch had its grand opening on the 4th of July, but their first real throw down is Labor Day Weekend. The Triple Canopy Ranch's "Mud-A-Thon" is a 4 day event that will allow everyone to come on out, explore the vast property, and relax. Its was one of our featured events in September and should be noted as a park on your "Not to Miss List".

Its on ours and We were "Not to Miss" their Labor Day "Mud-A-Thon" Event. Our review of their "Mud-A-Thon" is in October's issue of Woods n Water Magazine!