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2008-09 Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

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Marshall's #6 ranked 13-point survived arrow

September 2009

Mike Marshall of Orlando, Fla. took last season’s #6 biggest buck on Nov. 9, 2008 while hunting in eastern Orange County – killing an incredible 13-point... (Read more)

Houston Brock's Jefferson County buck earns the #7 spot

September 2009

Houston Brock scored a coveted spot in the “Florida Buck of the Year” Top 10 with a great 11-point buck that placed #7 among typicals taken during the 2008-09 season... (Read more)

Majestic Madison 10-point scores 144-2/8, ranks #8

September 2009

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you hunting is not just my passion or my hobby – it is my way of life. I eat, breathe and sleep hunting and have since... (Read more)

McCall’s 12-point ranks #9

September 2009

The morning of Dec. 18, 2008 began as many hunts in the past had for Edward McCall of Mims, Fla. He was hunting with his friend Jim Hardman in an orange grove located in Osceola County... (Read more)

“Mayhann’s Monster” finished in the #10 spot

September 2009

Jason Mayhann of Tallahassee took the 10-point beast featured on the February, 2009 cover of Woods ‘n Water with a muzzleloader on Nov. 25, 2008 while hunting on 80 acres of private property... (Read more)

Wesley Padgett’s 8-point the #1 Public Land Buck

September 2009

I was settled on stand approximately 30 minutes before daylight on the cool, crisp morning of Nov. 27, 2008 while hunting on a... (Read more)

Marcus Middleton took the state’s #1 non-typical!

September 2009

On the next to last day of the 2008 archery season I went to my stand at 3 p.m. to sit for the rest of the afternoon. What happened next took me totally by surprise... (Read more)

Teen kills ‘The Ghost’ to win Youth Division

September 2009

Brett Justin Smith, 14, of Castleberry, Alabama killed a monster Florida buck this past season while visiting his grandfather David Shepard, Sr. of Marianna, Fla. in Jackson County... (Read more)