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Houston Brock's Jefferson County buck earns a spot in the 2008-09 BOTY Contest

Houston Brock scored a coveted spot in the “Florida Buck of the Year” Top 10 with a great 11-point buck that placed #7 among typicals taken during the 2008-09 season. Houston was hunting in Jefferson County on Dec. 17 when he shot the massive buck that gross-scored 152-2/8 inches.

With almost no differences between the two antlers (2-2/8 inches) and just a single abnormal point (1-6/8 inch), Houston’s big buck had only 4 inches in deductions to drop his official net score down to 148-2/8 for the Florida Buck Registry.

Houston was hunting with his friend, Jake Walker, in Jefferson County on December 17 when he made the harvest.

Houston wanted to thank Larry at Lost Creek Taxidermy in Crawforvdille, Fla. for the fine job he did on the mount.