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“Mayhann’s Monster” finished in the #10 spot with a net typical score of 143-5/8 inches!

Jason Mayhann of Tallahassee took the 10-point beast featured on the February, 2009 cover of Woods ‘n Water with a muzzleloader on Nov. 25, 2008 while hunting on 80 acres of private property located in Leon County.

“Mayhann’s Monster” finished in the #10 spot of the 2008-09 “Florida Buck of the Year” contest with a net typical score of 143-5/8 inches.

“I thought I was going to finish third or fourth, based on the scores I saw last year,” Jason admitted after being told his buck of a lifetime had just barely scored in the Top 10 this year.

“I was anxious to hunt that afternoon (Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2008), because I had previously taken a big 8-point with my bow in this area on Sept. 29 that qualified for the Florida Buck Registry with a score of 111-7/8 inches.

“Shortly after getting settled in my tree stand, I spotted a small buck passing through a thicket. A few minutes later two does walked out in front of me feeding on acorns. As the does continued to feed, they were joined by two more does. I relaxed and continued to watch the four does, when I unexpectedly heard something crashing through the woods,” Mayhann said.

“The noise was coming from the same area that the does had come from. The thrashing grew louder and louder, and I could tell something big was heading my way. My heart began beating faster and faster as I watched a huge doe run into view. Now that I could see the doe running, I realized she was not the only one contributing to all the crashing and thrashing noises,” he added.

“Seconds after spotting the huge doe I saw a monster-bodied buck chasing close behind her. He ran straight towards the doe, grunting loudly like nothing I have ever heard before,” the 34-year-old hunter recalled.

“The four does quickly scattered in every direction. As the buck continued his chase, one doe led him straight to an opening – where he abruptly stopped – giving me the split second I needed to take the buck of a lifetime.

“Everything happened so fast, and my adrenaline was working overtime, but when the smoke cleared I was able to see that my muzzleloader had done its job. With my knees still weak, I climbed down from my stand and finally put my hands on the monster buck I had been watching on my game camera for the past four months,” Mayhann said.

“It is my most memorable hunt and my best buck to date!” he added.

Jason’s bruiser buck grossed 147 inches thanks to main beams measuring 23-7/8 and 22-7/8 inches in length and an inside spread of 18-5/8 inches. The buck carried brow tines measuring 5 and 5-6/8 inches tall, as well as G2’s stretching 6-1/8 and 7-1/8 inches off of each antler. The rack include impressive G3’s (7-3/8 and 7-4/8 inches) and huge G4’s (6 and 6-2/8 inches) for a very symmetrical rack that had only 3-3/8 inches in deductions for differences between the two sides.

A super-wide 13-inch tip-to-tip spread, 20-3/8-inch greatest spread and circumference measurements ranging from 3-4/8 to 4-2/8 inches capped off the trophy rack’s awesome scoring for mass and symmetry.

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