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McCall’s 12-point ranks #9

by Frank Richardson

WnW Contributing Writer

The morning of Dec. 18, 2008 began as many hunts in the past had for Edward McCall of Mims, Fla. He was hunting with his friend Jim Hardman in an orange grove located in Osceola County.

They had quietly slipped into the grove before daylight, with Jim setting up in the south end of the grove and Edward heading to the north end. Edward, 74 years old at the time, had no idea this would be the morning that he would shoot the #9 highest scoring typical buck of the year in Florida.

At about 8:30 a.m. Edward caught a glimpse of a massive buck walking briskly through the orange grove before it quickly disappeared behind some lower-hanging trees and bushes.

Knowing he would probably only have one opportunity to make the shot, Edward found an opening in the direction the deer was heading.

As the buck entered the opening, Edward quickly settled the crosshairs behind the buck’s shoulder and gently pulled the trigger on his 7mm-08 Browning. At the shot, the deer took off running, and Edward quickly lost sight of him as the buck ran into a 15 to 20-acre overgrown section of the grove.

The weeds in this section were head-high, which would make trailing the deer difficult for both Edward and Jim, who soon came to help locate the buck. After nearly an hour-and-a-half of unsuccessful searching to locate a blood trail in the thick undergrowth, Edward decided to try the other side of the thicket to see if he could locate where the buck may have entered a more open area.

They soon located some blood, and a few minutes later Jim yelled out, “Go get the truck, I’ve found him!”

After nearly two stressful hours of searching, Edward was finally able to wrap his hands around the antlers of Florida’s #9 typical buck taken in 2008-09. Edward’s massive buck is a main frame 10-point, with matching kickers branching off of its nearly 8-inch long G2’s, for a total of 12 scorable points.

The main beams are 21 inches long and sport 3-2/8 and 4-inch brow tines, as well as huge G3’s (10-2/8 and 9-2/8 inches in length). The huge Central Florida buck’s G4’s measured 7-5/8 inches long, and its 17-6/8 inside spread helped it earn a total gross score of 149-3/8 inches.

After deductions for differences in the two side (2-5/8 inches) and taking away the length of the abnormal points (3-1/8 inches), Edward’s buck earned a net Boone & Crockett score of 143-5/8 inches.

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