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2009-10 Florida Buck-of-the-Year Contest

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‘I got lucky hunting the rut!’

Ralph Holstein-1st Place

Ralph Holstein credits “getting lucky” and “hunting the rut” for being able to bag Florida’s “Buck of the Year” and the best public land buck taken in the 2009-10 season... (Read more)

Mercer’s monster Madison 9-point is #2

Shane Mercer-2nd Place

Shane Mercer of Lee, Fla. was hunting on private property in Madison County on Dec. 3, 2009 when he harvested this monster 9-point gross scoring 153-5/8... (Read more)

Bass’ 144-inch Madison buck is #3

Doug Bass-3rd Place

Madison County accounted for two of the top three bucks taken in Florida last season, as Doug Bass of Pinetta harvested this Madison monster... (Read more)

#1 Bow buck scores 167-5/8!

Austin Copeland-4th Place

In addition to bagging the #1 non-typical buck taken last season, 23-year-old Austin Copeland’s buck took the title of #1 Archery Buck and placed #4 overall in the Contest... (Read more)

Osceola 10-point is #5

Ian Whitehurst-5th Place

Ian Whitehurst placed fifth in the 2009-10 Florida “Buck of the Year” contest by taking Florida’s highest-scoring typical buck with a bow... (Read more)

Marianna Monster is highest-grossing typical

Stan Sims-6th Place

Stan Sims of Marianna, Florida finished #6 in the “Buck of the Year” contest with the #5 highest-scoring typical killed during the 2009-10 season... (Read more)

#7 buck was near-perfect 10-point

Jennifer Hunter-7th Place

Taylor County’s Jennifer Hunter, 20, took the highest-scoring buck killed by a female last year in Florida... (Read more)

Gulf County buck is #8

Ken Strickland-8th Place

Ken Strickland admitted “it scared me a little” when he saw the #8 highest-scoring typical... (Read more)

Franklin Co. 9-point is #9

Andy Sanders-9th Place

Andy Sanders of Sopchoppy, Fla. is the #9 entry in the 2009-10 “Buck of the Year” contest... (Read more)

Mobility-impaired hunter bags #10 buck

Jim Chapman-10th Place

Jim Chapman of Greenville, Florida proved that mobility-impaired hunters are not handicapped... (Read more)