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#1 Bow buck ranks #4 and scores 167-5/8!

In addition to bagging the #1 non-typical buck taken last season, 23-year-old Austin Copeland’s St. Johns County monster took the title of #1 Archery Buck and placed #4 overall in the Florida “Buck of the Year” Contest.

Copeland, of Tallahassee, took the amazing 15-point while archery hunting with his Parker Wildfire XP bow in St. Johns County on Sept. 28, 2009.

The 215-pound beast gross scored a whopping 170-6/8 inches as a non-typical and netted 167-5/8 inches Boone & Crockett in the non-typical category (where length of abnormal points are included in the buck’s gross score instead of being deducted). That score earns Copeland the #10 spot in Florida’s All-Time Top 10 Non-Typicals (previous page) knocking off a 16-point Gadsden County buck taken by Angus Hinson in 1992 by just 1/8 of an inch.

That net score was high enough to place Copeland’s buck as the #4 highest-scoring buck (overall) taken last year – even after reducing the score 25 inches to be considered equal with typical bucks.

In order to qualify for entry into the Florida Buck Registry, a typical rack must score a minimum of 100 B&C inches, and a non-typical must score a minimum of 125 inches. Based on this difference, Woods ‘n Water requires non-typical rack scores to exceed typical scores by 25 inches to be considered equal. After the 25-inch deduction, Copeland’s buck still scored 142-5/8 inches.

The 23-year-old also had the rack officially scored for the Pope and Young Club and will be entered into the archery record book at 170-3/8 inches. The minimum P&Y score for a non-typical whitetail is 155 (125 for typicals).

The Sunshine State archery trophy didn’t come easy. Copeland admits that his initial shot “was not a great one,” adding, “I had to stalk him over 300 yards in order to get the kill shot on him.”

Copeland’s buck had impressive headgear, including 8-4/8-inch brow tines, 9-7/8-inch G2s and 8-4/8-inch G3s. The main frame 10-point also had 5 abnormal points (3 on the right antler) measuring a total of 12 inches and only 3-1/8 inches in deductions.